2020 Sight

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad in it.

- Psalm 118:22-24

One of the great joys of my summer season (yes, there are still things to celebrate) has been the addition of our in-person/outdoor Sunday service at 5 pm. Recently, as I was preaching there came a loud cracking sound and everyone turned around to witness a huge tree branch falling across the street. What made that super-sized spectacle even more breathtaking, is that I had just encouraged people that our eyes would see BIG and BETTER things in these days!

The above words of David in the Old Testament are fulfilled when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on what is known as The Triumphal Entry. As Jesus came down the hillside into Jerusalem that day, His disciples went ahead of him shouting praise, while the crowds followed waving palm branches and laying their garments on the roadside. What is worth noting and learning is that those who stopped to witness this parade of all parades, did not have this as a scheduled event on their calendar. They were going about their daily routines and responsibilities. The sight of Jesus caused them to STOP their activities and to SHOW their adoration!

As we go about these last days of summer and the beginning days of the school year, I wonder what great things the Lord wants us to see? In the busyness of your days and the burdens this season has brought, would you stop to consider what the Lord would have you to see? Here are three ways the Lord may be getting your attention, displaying His glory, and leading you forward in:

  1. Over the last few weeks, you may have seen God work in your life in an amazing way. He answered a prayer, opened a door, mended a relationship, or provided for a need. We call this a TESTIMONY. Do you have a testimony of seeing God’s goodness and faithfulness at work in your life?

  1. Recently you have had a dream, a vision, an image in your mind, or a word that stood out when reading your Bible. We call this a REVELATION/PICTURE. Perhaps the Lord has been speaking something to your heart and planting a seed of promise that you are to focus on and take hold of.

  1. There is an area in your life where you desire to see change, newness, fullness, and blessing! We call this a PRAYER. If there is something that is still in limbo or lifeless in your midst, ask the Author of Life to breath His Spirit life into it!

TODAY is the right time to STOP (to pray/think upon God’s goodness), take note of what you have SEEN (write it down somewhere), and celebrate the SAVIOR (give thanks) for all that your eyes have witnessed and are waiting for.

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